Tube Dryer ┃HL-TD2013-1


  • Heavy duty stainless steel 304 construction for high durability
  • Featured as large capacity and simple design
  • All heat is rotated in interior cabinet through convector-fan equipped on the top
  • Three(3) shelves height adjustable very easily for multiple storage
  • Temperature control unit
  • Silicone packing for enduring high heat and providing excellent airtightness
  • All functions are controlled automatically by IC, Semiconductor, RELAY electronic circuit
  • AC POWER SUPPLY provides safe power within ±10%
  • Available with one compartment and two compartments with individual function
  • Transparent clear glass doors
  • Four 3" ball bearing casters

Tube Dryer is especially designed for keeping and drying various Tube, Expendable product in I.C.U. Anesthesiology, operating theater, C.S.S.D, etc.

* SPEC  

  • Display : Digital LED Segment
  • Control : Microprocessor Auto Control
  • Temperature : Max. 80℃
  • Volume : 830ℓ
  • Heater : 2kW
  • Materials : Stainless steel 304, 3 shelves
  • Power Consumption : 2.1kW
  • Power : AC 220V 50/60Hz